Boston Herald Gets Wingo'd Into Apology, Readers Revolt

During yesterday's Spygate meet-and-greet with the press, Roger Goodell and Matt Walsh revealed everything and nothing as to how this whole misguided mess actually transpired. What we do know? According to Goodell, Patriots coach Bill Belichick continues to be full of shit about his misreading of the rules excuse, the… » 5/14/08 11:40am 5/14/08 11:40am

Erin Andrews Seriousness Paved Her Path To Stardom

Here's an interesting interview between CNBC's Donny Deutsch and ESPN's beloved, bright, bright shining star, Erin Andrews, found by The Sports Point, talking about both creepy commenters and how she broke into the business. In the snippet below, Andrews humbly admits she was "horrible" at TBS while she was supposed… » 5/13/08 7:30pm 5/13/08 7:30pm

Examining The Procreation Habits Of The Modern Day Athlete For Fun

You've probably asked yourself a million times, "I wish there was a blog out there that would let me know how how Shawn Kemp Jr. Jr. Jr.'s doing or give me updates on Darren McFadden's paternity suit situation." » 5/13/08 6:40pm 5/13/08 6:40pm

NBA Playoffs: A Tuesday Night Viewer's Guide

Basketbawful is here. We can get through this together. Just take a few deep breaths, stretch, and prepare to be learn what you should be keeping track of during tonight's NBA playoff games. Oh, and you'll also get a math lesson from Chris Paul! » 5/13/08 6:10pm 5/13/08 6:10pm

Barry Bonds Hollas Bat

Since Roger Clemens has taken center stage as the poster doughboy for steroid use in baseball, Barry Bonds has quietly faded into the background. There will be an update on his perjury charges here, a question about why no MLB team is courting him there, but, for the most part, all of the shrieking Bonds ire has… » 5/13/08 5:40pm 5/13/08 5:40pm

And Toward Me He Charged: Charles Haley's Bananas

Being a sports reporter is, at times, an absolutely horrible job. Sure you get to watch games, travel and interact with athletes, but there is a horrendous downside. (Which is pretty much everything else.) And this is never more disturbingly clear than when a reporter has their first (or 50th) awful experience with a… » 5/13/08 2:20pm 5/13/08 2:20pm

Jeopardy! Attempts To Both Humanize And Humiliate Matt Leinart

This question was featured last week as part of Jeopardy!'s "College Championship" week. Does this mean that the photo of Matt Leinart beer-bonging his way to infamy has reached a certain level of news relevancy? » 5/12/08 6:40pm 5/12/08 6:40pm

Soccer. Balls.

For those lukewarm soccer enthusiasts who contend that more public nudity would greatly improve Europe's favorite foot-oriented sporting event, this is somewhat fantastic news. Recently, "more than 1,800 men and women have posed nude for US photographer Spencer Tunick in Vienna's Ernst Happel stadium, less than a… » 5/12/08 6:00pm 5/12/08 6:00pm

O.J. Mayo's Not The Sharpest Trojan In The Jar

This whole O.J. Mayo affair is probably not surprising to anybody who has a healthy does of skepticism about heavily recruited college basketball players' long-term goals and their abilities to make sound life decisions. As soon as Mayo signed onto USC, it was pretty clear that this kid decided Southern California… » 5/12/08 5:30pm 5/12/08 5:30pm

The Era Of Hannah Storm's Sports Center Will Blow (In) Soon

On Saturday,'s Richard Deitsch revealed that ESPN was plopping long-time sports-and-news talking head Hannah Storm into the new morning slot for Sports Center. Tomorrow, ESPN will make the formal announcement at upfront presentations, the big-snazzy press conference done to get the advertisers all riled up. » 5/12/08 2:21pm 5/12/08 2:21pm

The Spurs Are Still Hanging Around

Show me your Jazz hands. Chris Paul is clearly screwing up Deron Williams' endorsement deals. If the Hornets' point guard didn't exist, everyone would write love letters to Williams and and name their pets after him. Even thoug, Williams dropped 29 points, 14 assists and three boards as the Jazz tied up the series… » 5/12/08 10:40am 5/12/08 10:40am

Jamar Hornsby's One Classy Gator

Here's a disturbing story from the murky swamps of Gainesville. Jamar Hornsby, a 21-year-old safety for the Florida Gators, has turned himself in to authorities after illegal use of a credit card. Unlike most other slimy college athletes guilty of credit card fraud, Hornsby's single-handedly guaranteed a first ballot… » 5/09/08 3:45pm 5/09/08 3:45pm

All Hail Derek Jeter's Golden Baby Arm

It is times like these where Yankee-haters even must bow down to the catnip that is Derek Jeter's machismo. Maxim's Hot 100 list contains six women who've been romantically linked to the Yankee shortstop. » 5/08/08 6:30pm 5/08/08 6:30pm

Excavating Joe Montana For Fun And Profit

The professional snoopers at The Smoking Gun have uncovered their latest oddball lawsuit between Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and his ex-wife, Kim Moses, pertaining to the auction sale of some personal items from his college days including a photo I.D. and sappy love letters (one on a Ziggy card). » 5/08/08 4:45pm 5/08/08 4:45pm

Has Marvin Harrison's Shady Past (And Present) Finally Caught Up To Him?

The muddled circumstances surrounding Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison's invovement in a shooting last week are slowly coming together. The facts: it was Harrison's gun that was used; six casings from his gun were found; Harrison was interviewed and had a fistfight with a man; some people got shot. » 5/08/08 4:15pm 5/08/08 4:15pm

LeBron James Has Obviously Never Been A Waiter

Anbody who's ever been a waiter in their life realizes that it can be a dreadfully demeaning job. Regardless of how much tip money you collect for five hours of work (most of which usually go back into the restaurant during the post-shift decompression time at the bar) there's always a moment when you say to yourself,… » 5/08/08 3:50pm 5/08/08 3:50pm

HBO: Jessica Simpson Will Not Retard Our Football Camp Show

Everyone getting excited about the upcoming season of Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys has every right to be. With a colorful cast of characters to choose from like Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones (please), Tony Romo and the mesmerizing handywork of Jerry Jones' plastic surgeon, it'll be entertaining television even for those… » 5/07/08 6:15pm 5/07/08 6:15pm

Rocky Statue: Target Of Penguin Terrorist Plot?

You may remember just a week ago that during the Montreal Canadiens/Flyers playoff series, some amped-up Habs fans decided desecration of the Rocky statue would be a good way to show team spirit and ward off an inevitable early round exit. Didn't work. » 5/07/08 5:30pm 5/07/08 5:30pm